Tower Crew Performance System: Safety and Team Performance for the Tower Industry

V-Speed's Tower Crew Performance System (TCPS) is a comprehensive approach to managing safety and the operational performance of crews in the tower erection and maintenance industry. By using elements of Crew Resource Management (CRM) along with administrative controls adapted for the tower industry, TCPS is designed to help take your crews to the next level of safety and production performance. TCPS is built upon many successful adaptations from various industries, including military planning and briefing models, military aviation Crew Resource Management, and the NATE STAR inspection checklist. TCPS consists of 3 parts:

1. Consultative Assessment: V-Speed will conduct one or more site visits to your facilities/crew locations to observe crew briefings and to gain an understanding of your current capabilities and future needs. This phase will include interviews with key staff members, and will assist us with determining areas for improvement. 

2. Tower Crew Performance System Checklist Tools: This is where the TCPS "rubber meets the road" and is where the operational implementation of TCPS takes place. Our tools have been adapted from several industries, and are modeled after military planning and briefing guides, Marine Corps Aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM)  guidelines, and the National Associate of Tower Erectors Safety, Training, Accountability, Reliability (NATE STAR) inspection checklist. The TCPS checklist tools are designed to operationalize Crew Resource Management into the everyday activities and behaviors that tower crews put into practice every day. The goal is to view professional and disciplined operational execution as a means for facilitating safe, effective, and efficient performance. Additionally, these tools will be designed in a user-friendly format, printed on ruggedized, water-resistant paper to help stand up to the demands of the environment.  

3. TCPS Team Leadership and Resource Management Training and Implementation Coaching:  Crew performance programs without the follow-through of implementation training and coaching may be more likely to fail (or to achieve smaller results than planned or expected). Therefore, as the final stage of the TCPS process, we will train your crews on how to use the TCPS tools, and go through an entire class on the desired actions and behaviors crews will need to model if they are to realize the true benefits of the TCPS. This training is based on years of experience with Marine Corps Aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM) and is designed to help solidify the information from the TCPS Checklist Tools into actionable individual and crew behaviors.   

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