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Organizational change is hard, but truly transformational change is even harder. To take an organization from one state to a completely different state can be a daunting task for leaders. To make matters even harder, many change efforts rely on logic and methodical processes, where employees are explained the benefits of changing in ways that may seem intangible and perhaps cold. If leaders fail to connect the change efforts and desired outcomes in an emotional way employees can relate to, true change and improvement efforts may meet a brick wall. On the other hand, if leaders engage with employees and try to make emotional connections, tying the change efforts and goals to something workers can feel, their efforts may have more impact. Additionally, when workers are given a platform and allowed to share their stories, peers and leaders may understand their perspective in a more comprehensive way. As John Kotter describes in his book The Heart of Change, people need a “see, feel, change approach” to help them gain deeper understanding. Storytelling can have a powerful impact on leaders’ abilities to connect with and influence mangers, supervisors and line employees and can provide a means for employees to connect with their leadership on a deeper level as they share the context and perspectives of their work.

Additionally, when investigating events, such as near-misses or accidents, it can be tempting to point to human error as the cause. However, with every accident, incident and near-miss there is a story to be told and a context behind the error. Even when organizational performance is successful it is often the actions of employees and teams that achieve this success, and these people have a story to tell. If organizations do not find a way to elevate these stories and tell them in a constructive way, they may be missing out on key opportunities to learn and improve. 

Our storytelling course is designed to be delivered in two ways: Face to Face using instructor-led training for you and your teams, or online using asynchronous and live instructor-led events. We are currently accepting students for our online course. You may enroll here.

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