Episode 26-Leadership and High-Reliability with Marc Rounsaville

Biographic Sketch, Marc Rounsaville

Rounsaville is currently one of the principles and a Senior Advisor for O4R Organizing for Resilience as well as the managing director of Bluejack Consulting. These firms   specialize in leadership development, risk management and executive coaching. Clients   from petroleum, banking, healthcare and emergency management industries seek out the technology and skills of these two companies. Both organizations serve individuals, organizations and governments with education, coaching, mentoring, professional leadership development, advanced emergency management and principles-based thinking.  

The diverse clients served include, US Forest Service, Dialogos International, Hospital Performance Improvement, Corsican Fire Department, Statoil, TOTAL, European Organization for Security and the Norwegian Oil and Gas Board.

Prior experience includes; Special Assistant for Continuous Improvement and Risk Management, Deputy Director -- Operations US Forest Service Fire and Aviation, Area Commander, and Type 1 Incident Commander. In these roles Rounsaville led men and women in emergency response for fires, hurricanes, events and terror attacks. Program management duties during this period encompassed training, preparedness and risk management for emergency response and aviation activities across the Untied States.

Book Recommendations:

Team of Teams by Chris Fussell, David Silverman, Stanley A. McChrystal, and Tantum Collins

The Invisible Gorilla by Christopher F. Chabris and Daniel Simons

The Man Who Lied to His Laptop by Clifford Nass and Corina Yen