How to Use Storytelling and Lessons-Learned for Improving Safety Performance

On September 29th at 11:00 am Eastern Time, Randy Cadieux of V-Speed and and Bill Brown of Secutor Solutions will provide an overview of how use of Storytelling and Lessons-Learned for Improving Safety Performance 

In this webinar, they will identify how: 
• Storytelling best practices can be used to turn incidents into a powerful tool to build understanding, across multiple groups, for safety improvement and team buy-in. 
• Debriefing and lessons-learned play an important role to identify and capture your ‘stories’ context around the way work is performed. 
• Use storytelling to motivate and inspire others towards safety and organizational improvement 

About the Intelex Community Industry Experts: 

Randy Cadieux is the Founder of V-Speed, LLC, a leadership, risk management, and team performance consulting and training company. Randy is also the Program Manager and an Instructor for the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Master of Engineering in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management program, and the author of "Team Leadership in High-Hazard Environments: Performance, Safety, and Risk Management Strategies for Operational Teams", published by Gower Publishing. 

Bill Brown is currently the founder and product manager at Secutor Solutions whose specialty is engaging technology with their Lessons Learned Database to bridge the gap between the areas of project management, operations management and knowledge management to drive higher rates of business success and greater organizational resilience.