ASSE Storytelling Webinar

On Wednesday June 22, our Founder, Randy Cadieux will be delivering a webinar on the power of storytelling.

From the ASSE website:

Organizational change is hard, but truly transformational change, such as safety culture transformation, is even harder. To take an organization from one state to a completely different state can be a daunting task for leaders. To make matters even harder, many change efforts rely on logic and methodical processes, where employees are explained the benefits of changing in ways that may seem intangible and perhaps cold. If leaders fail to connect the change efforts and desired outcomes in an emotional way employees can relate to, lasting transformational change may meet a brick wall.

On the other hand, if leaders engage with employees and try to make emotional connections, tying the change efforts and goals to something workers can feel, their efforts may have more impact. As John Kotter describes in his book The Heart of Change, workers need a “see, feel, change approach" to help them get on board with change initiatives. Storytelling can have a powerful impact on leaders' abilities to connect with and influence mangers, supervisors and line employees.

In this session Randy Cadieux will describe some foundational principles of change efforts and will describe how storytelling may help improve the change process. Randy will also illustrate this concept by going into storytelling mode and using examples from his keynote presentation “From Cowboys to Ninjas: A Story of Transformational Change."

Please register at the link below and join us for a fun and informative webinar and learn how you may make an impact through the use of storytelling in your organization!