ASSE Virtual Symposium Presentation: Measuring Safety for Successful Events in High-Risk Operations

Our Founder, Randy Cadieux presented a webinar for the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) as part of the the virtual symposium titled "Using Safety Metrics to Identify Real Threats." Randy's presentation is titled "Measuring Safety for Successful Events in High-Risk Operations." This presentation is accessible on-demand and more information, including links to register and access the content may be found here. A description of the presentation may be found below: 

"This presentation will discuss the use of metrics in measuring safety, with an emphasis on leading indicators. Rather than viewing safety as an absence of accidents or failure, or by achieving a lagging indicator goal (such as beating industry lost time injury rates) this presentation will discuss proactive ways to learn about and measure safety through forward looking approaches. Many of these measurement areas are qualitative, yet have the potential to be used in a quantitative and measurable manner. Much of the information will be derived from Mr. Cadieux's experience in US Marine Corps aviation operations and how safety was proactively managed for successful operational outcomes and mission accomplishment."

To access the content, click this link.