Join Us for Crew Resource Management Training at the 2015 Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference

We are pleased to announce that V-Speed has been selected to present a Crew Resource Management (CRM) workshop at the 2015 Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference on November 3rd, 2015 in Birmingham, AL. If you are a mine safety professional, an operations director or manager, or a crew leader/supervisor, or even a front line operator, such as a driller or  equipment operator, our CRM course may be for you! Do you and your crews work in high-hazard environments? Do you face risks on a daily basis and strive to balance production and safety? If so, this CRM workshop may be for you! 

During this workshop we will cover essential components of crew performance, including elements of effective teamwork, leadership in operational teams, team communications, authority and responsibility in operational teams, mutual support and backup (and the concept of assertiveness during dangerous work), decision-making, job planning and execution analysis, focus on operations and safety (including dispelling the myths of situational awareness), adaptability and resilience, and time-sensitive risk management. 

Learners will leave this workshop with actionable techniques designed for immediate implementation to help improve crew and team leadership and performance. 

Want to prepare for the workshop? Our material is designed around the book Team Leadership in High-Hazard Environments: Performance, Safety and Risk Management Strategies for Operational TeamsWhile not necessary, reading the book in advance may help prepare you for the workshop.  The book may be purchased here.

More information about the Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference, including registration links, may be found here: