V-Speed's Founder to Present at the Alabama Natural Gas Association Spring Seminar in Birmingham, AL on March 12, 2015

Our Founder, Randy Cadieux will be presenting a session at the upcoming 2015 Alabama Natural Gas Association Spring Seminar. Randy will discuss how leadership and crew performance in high-risk industries may be used to help manage safe operational performance. Details of Randy's speaker session are below:

Session Title: “Leading Teams at the Sharp End: Creating Safety through Teamwork in High-Risk Environments”

Session Topic Description:

"Leadership training and education often focuses on strategic leadership areas, such as major transformational change, or helping senior level managers or executives become more visionary. This type of focus is noteworthy, as it is needed to help propel organizations forward in the quest for product and process improvement. However, where the real work is done, at the “sharp end” where employees are exposed to safety hazards, there does not seem to be much emphasis on educating leaders or teaching teams how to perform more effectively in hazardous environments. This session will explain methods for coaching operational teams to help them become more adept at safe operational performance. By focusing leadership and teamwork training on those doing the work, there are opportunities to improve the way these teams are led and managed, the way they mitigate risk, and their ability to innovate and adapt during dynamic hazardous operations. If leaders, managers, and supervisors who work with teams in high-risk environments understand these concepts it may help them to coach these teams into higher safety and operations performance." 

Here is a link to the seminar description: http://alnga.org/event/2015-anga-spring-seminar/