Safety Roundtable at Natural Gas Fall Workshop 2014

V-Speed will be presenting on the subject of leadership and actively managing safety in high-risk environments at the Natural Gas Fall Workshop 2014 in Athens, AL on September 10th, 2014. While many people view and measure safety in different ways, one of the ways we at V-Speed think safety should be measured is through the existence of proactive, well-trained teams with competent leaders, who constantly seek to manage risk while pushing the boundaries of operational performance. After all, organizations don't simply exist to remain in a state of safety. They exist to perform a mission. Crews and teams must continuously work to align operations and safety visions and goals so that they can work towards sustainable growth, which includes preventing and minimizing major accidents. Safety should also be in their definition (or description) of Operational Excellence. Our founder will present on the subject of actively managing safety through leadership in high-risk environments, and he will touch on the importance of building resilient teams and systems, and the capacity to flex, adapt, and change work systems and methods to manage risk. For more information on the natural Gas Fall Workshop, click here