Upcoming Webinar: Rethinking Human Error: Why Humans Should be Considered a Reliable Part of Systems Performance, Operations, and Safety

Why is it that when an error occurs at work, many times organizations immediately jump to conclusions and blame the person that made the error? Is it really true that humans are the weak link in otherwise safe or robust systems? In complex, high-hazard, high-risk, or high-performance environments is more technology really the solution? These types of questions will be addressed during an upcoming webinar focusing on human and team performance. Please join us on June 17th at 1:00 PM Central Time where our founder will describe in deep detail how people and teams can be seen as a reliable part of system performance and success, rather than the cause of errors. 

Webinar Title:

"Rethinking Human Error: Considering Humans as a Reliable Part of System Performance and Safety"

Brief Description:

Please join V-Speed, LLC for this informative webinar designed to provide a different perspective on human error. Oftentimes humans are viewed as an unsafe or unreliable component of an otherwise safe system. However, this webinar will take a different approach, describing how humans and teams may be a reliable part of operations and safety performance. Our presenter, Randy Cadieux, will draw on his roots from U.S. Marine Corps aviation and will explain how, despite advances in technology, there are many high-hazard environments that rely on human involvement and teamwork to make sound decisions for safe operational execution. Some of the material described in this presentation will also be derived from Randy's upcoming book, Team Leadership in High-Hazard Environments: Performance, Safety, and Risk Management Strategies for Operational Teams, to be published Fall 2014 (expected) by Gower Publishing. Webinar duration: approximately 75 minutes.

Date and Time: 

6/17/2014 1:00 PM Central Time