Confirmed Speaker at Safety 2014 (American Society of Safety Engineers National Professional Development Conference)

V-Speed's founder, Randy Cadieux, was selected as a speaker for the 2014 American Society of Safety Engineers National Professional Development Conference (PDC), or "Safety 2014". Safety 2014 takes place from June 8-11 in Orlando, FL and during a speaker session, Randy will be giving a presentation entitled "Rethinking Error: Why Humans Should be Considered a Reliable Part of the System", which will focus on explaining how line operators and team performance may be optimized to improve system performance. The goals of the presentation are to help attendees gain an understanding of the capacity for human decision-making and the ability of well-trained and proficient teams to actively manage safety during dynamic, abnormal, or unexpected events and  an understanding of the need to include human and team performance considerations during Prevention through Design approaches to system design and development, so that safety and human performance may be optimized. 

Come join us in Orlando for Safety 2014!

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