HRO Training: V-Speed's High-Reliability Organizing training is based on several fundamental principles that are designed to help organizations achieve Operational Excellence through a set of leadership and management behaviors, attitudes, and activities. High-Reliability Organizations (or HROs), are often described as organizations that operate in high-hazard environments, yet seem to experience fewer accidents or mishaps than would be expected in such a hazardous environment. There are several examples of HROs and several ways to describe HROs and their characteristics. V-Speed uses a military model to describe HRO behaviors, attitudes, and activities and has created a training workshop designed for managers and leaders as well as line-employees to help them understand some of the attitudes and behaviors that can help them to apply principles of HRO. Our HRO training is designed to show leaders, managers, and employes how to:

1. Shape their organizations to look for failure points, detect operational drift before it becomes catastrophic, and make corrections. 

2. Shape attitudes such that when operational or safety deviances occur, they are examined from a critical standpoint rather than being ignored. By detecting weak or early signals problems may often be identified early and corrected. 

3. Create strategies to compare operations as they are designed to operations as they take place in the real work environment. By closing the gap between work-as-designed vs. work-as-performed organizations may be able to identify and correct drift before it escalates. 

4. Identify their functional experts and key levels of experience, and create was to bring required levels of experience and expertise into the decision-making process.

5. Create strategies to help create organizational resilience so that they can adapt to changing conditions, remain competitive, and react effectively to unplanned change or unexpected circumstances. By learning to deal with uncertainty and proactively plan for adaptation, organizations may be able to position themselves to safely adapt while they continue to perform core operational functions.

Our Founder has experience working with HRO thought leadership, and has also developed and taught a High-Reliability Team Training program while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. This experience has helped position V-Speed as a unique provider of HRO training that has been adapted to help commercial organizations exploit opportunities for success.  For more information about HRO Training or to set up a half-day training workshop, please Contact Us today.