HRO Immersive Leadership Workshop: Sometimes organizations are looking for a much more immersive training experience than can be achieved through a simple classroom lecture environment. For that reason V-Speed has developed an immersive HRO leadership workshop to help organizations learn and practice the principles of HRO through a combination of classroom lecture, small group exercises and discussion, outdoor experiential application through a rigorous team-based activity, and culminating with skill development and competency with firearms training (including classroom instruction and live fire application). Interested? Read on for more details. 

V-Speed is teaming with two organizations (Lighthorse Tactical and Double Tap) to put together an immersive experience designed to teach the principles of High-Reliability Organizations (HRO) through classroom lecture (including small group exercises), outdoor experiential learning, and culminating with a hands-on competency workshop. It would occur over 3 days with a travel day on each end. 

The HRO Principles are taught using a combination of a military model adapted for commercial industry and a systems thinking approach. The training aligns with the 5 Principles of HRO as codified by Weick and Sutcliffe in their book Managing the Unexpected: Resilient Performance in an Age of Uncertainty, which are as follows:

1. Preoccupation with Failure

2. Reluctance to Simplify

3. Sensitivity to Operations

4. Deference to Expertise

5. Commitment to Resilience

This training occurs over a 3 day period with travel days on the front and back end.

Day One: Fly into Birmingham International Airport and travel to lodging (lodging at Double Tap facilities in Calera, AL). *Note: participants in the local area could drive in on this day or perhaps in the early morning on Day Two.

Day Two: 3/4 day HRO workshop followed by group discussion and/or small breakouts. V-Speed conducts training from 8 am-12 pm followed by a 45 minute lunch and then training from 12:45 pm-2 pm. The rest of the afternoon would be allocated to discussion time for your groups where you would take the discussion points about HRO and talk about ways to apply them to specific areas of your organization. There would be some lecture material, but also numerous group activities. The training will also tie in elements of human performance and will seek to reinforce attitudes and behaviors for dealing with risk and unexpected events.

Day Three: Immersive HRO outdoor experience. V-Speed leads the group through an application of the HRO principles during an outdoor hike at Oak Mountain. The trails are challenging and provide an opportunity for group cohesion building. During the hike the group would have various mock situations arise requiring them to execute HRO type thinking, attitudes, and behaviors. There would be simulations and mock scenarios. V-Speed's Founder learned and applied this style of training in the US Marine Corps and has found it to be empowering and eye opening, going far beyond what one can learn in a classroom. More information about Oak Mountain may be found at their website:

Day Four: Firearms training. V-Speed will bring in a highly reputable firearms training organization (Lighthorse Tactical) and the group would undergo outstanding firearms training, including classroom instruction and range time. We feel that firearms training provides an excellent experience for applying most, if not all, of the HRO principles, helps to build an understanding of the application of risk competency, and helps to build competency at a challenging skill. 

Day Five: Fly out of Birmingham International Airport and travel back home. *Note: groups in the local area may choose to travel home after the completion of the firearms training on the previous day. 

The goals for this workshop are to actively learn and apply the HRO principles, be able to take them home with you and start using them in the workplace, and to reinforce your existing risk management and human performance tools and the associated attitudes, thinking, and behaviors that must go along with the tools to make them effective. This training experience could be highly unique and engaging and provide an experience that can't be captured in a simple classroom-only setting. This may be a much different approach than any kind of training you may have experienced in the past. It is our belief that this type of immersive event will go far beyond classroom-only experiences and will help to reinforce application and competency of the principles of HRO. The target audience would be around 10-15 participants and the level would be oriented towards Executive/President/VP, Director or high-level manager, and/or other leaders, such as Plant Managers and their staff. However, we are flexible and will work with you as you determine the right group composition to meet your goals. 

Our Founder has experience working with HRO thought leadership, and has also developed and taught a High-Reliability Team Training program while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. This experience has helped position V-Speed as a unique provider of HRO training that has been adapted to help commercial organizations exploit opportunities for success.  For more information about HRO or this HRO Immersive Leadership Workshop, please Contact Us today.