Scaling up to a High-Reliability Organization

In a recent blog post I discussed one strategy for helping to build high-reliability into operations by giving ourselves "an out." By this I mean trying to avoid making irrevocable decisions when those decisions have high-consequence potential or to at least provide exit strategies if plans start to go down the wrong path. Another strategy for helping to build High-Reliability Organizations (HRO) is storytelling. While storytelling won't necessarily make your organization an HRO, it may sometimes help to learn from others about their experiences in HRO's. To that end, I am sharing a link to a recent interview with Sean K. Murhpy. 

Scaling Up to a High Reliability Organization

In the interview Sean asked me numerous questions about my experiences with HRO and how some of the elements might apply to other businesses. We discuss things like the 5 Principles of HRO, risk management, toxic leadership, and it's impact on deferring to expertise, and single points of failure. I shared some stories about how I saw HRO in the some of the Navy and Marine Corps aviation units I was part of. There are also numerous links to articles and books you may find useful in helping you to build HRO culture in your organizations.