A New Perspective on Safety

This week I had the opportunity to attend the American Society of Safety Engineers Region IV Professional Development Conference in Birmingham, AL. I conducted Team Leadership and Resource Management (TL&RM) training and also gave a presentation on deliberate safety leadership. I shared lessons-learned from Marine Corps aviation and explained how deliberate safety leadership efforts may help facilitate long-term safety culture transformation. It seems that safety used to be viewed as a process of correcting employees' mistakes. However, when we really look at human behavior, it seems that most employees are motivated and want to do good work and get the job done. As part of this process they sometimes take shortcuts, not to be unsafe, but because it often seems like the right thing to do at the time in order to get the job done. As leaders we may have the opportunity to design the work systems and optimize them for the humans so they can do the work as safely as they possibly can and so they don't have to develop their own workarounds. This is a concept that can apply in many organizations. 

Thanks, and have a great and safe weekend!