Mishap Scenario Modeling and Development

In many high-hazard/high-consequence operating environments it can be hard to anticipate unknown risks. After all, if they are unknown how can they be anticipated? This is a hard question to answer, but there are some strategies that may help leaders, managers, and operational crews with identification of potential hazards, which will facilitate the development of risk control identification and implementation. One tool is the simple process of brainstorming. While it may sound simplistic, there can be a great deal of power when individual minds are harnessed together collectively in rich discussions. Using what-if analysis these leaders and teams can identify scenarios and the potential effects if the scenario were to occur. A robust lessons-learned database is also a tool that can be used to determine what hazards may have been present in past operations, and how they were mitigated. Safety leadership can be the guiding hand to help employees see the vision of how a lessons-learned system may help to improve organizational performance and work towards operational excellence. 

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